Putting feel and function in fabric

Kinaptic has created a first of its kind fabric-based wearable electronic manufacturing and product platform.

The Kinaptic Haptic/Human Machine Interface (HHMI) is a "second skin" that bridges the gap between man and machine and provides a high-resolution bi-directional biometric detection and applied sense of touch and muscle stimulation.  

  • Healthcare:  Pain Mitigation, Diabetes Remediation, Stroke Rehabilitation, Tremor Mitigation, Biomarker and Biometric Detection 
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality:  True Haptic Awareness, Virtual Object Interactive Physics  
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The Kinaptic-Enabled suite of patented technologies are the picks and axes of the wearable electronics industry. The company has pioneered roll-to-roll manufacturing, garment construction, and applications for wearable electronics. First products are ready for opioid-free, non-drug pain mitigation. Building off this pain sleeve product line, Kinaptic is now in development of diabetes remediation shorts.


1st Patent Issued



MVP Pain Mitigation Product Line 



POC for AR/VR Ultar-Deep Immersion




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