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Bayer G4A Startup Accelerator - In 2018, our groundbreaking advances in device-based therapeutic stroke rehabilitation technology garnered the recognition of Bayer Pharmaceuticals’ G4A Startup Accelerator program. Out of a pool of 1800+ medical technology startups, KinAptic was selected as one of six companies to join Bayer in Berlin, DE to receive funding and strategic support in our ongoing research and development.  This relationship allows us to refine the therapeutic applications of our KinAptic Reactive Sleeve technology, and to develop novel clinical approaches in conjunction with Bayer’s global portfolio of medicines.

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About Us

KinAptic wearable solutions deliver clinical quality diagnostic and treatment solutions to everyday garments.



KinAptic technology is used for a variety of medical / rehabilitation and Fitness / Health applications including;

  • Stroke Rehabilitation

  • Pain Mitigation

  • Muscle Re-Education

  • Fitness tracking

  • Strength Training

  • Tremor Mitigation

How it Works


Detect Signals


Analyze Data.


Formulate Treatment 


Apply Treatment

“The future of wearables”

KinAptic Digital Therapeutics –

Wearable electronics with embedded AI advancing digital healthcare.

KinAptic uses our combined decades of experience in the fields of healthcare, medtech, and engineering to take novel human-machine interface products from concept to product.

  • Healthcare: Stroke rehabilitation, cardiovascular recovery, tremor mitigation, pain mitigation, diabetes remediation, biomarker and biometric detection.

  • Virtual and Augmented Reality: True haptic awareness, virtual object interactive physics.


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